Security (Love Nudge)

Because Lynn’s Love Nudge competition runs all week, you get an extra 100 words today – here’s my take on Day 4 – Security:

100 words about an affair taking a dangerous turnYou’re here to end it. But he plays his ace before you get a chance to reel off your spiel.

‘Such beautiful children. Max may be taking after his father, but look at little Olive. The spit of you.’

He puts a stack of photo prints on the bar. There’s the bright glint in his eyes again; the glint you mistook for mischief. It’s malice, maybe with a little madness mixed in?

‘What did you want to talk about, my lovely?’

You lack the breath to speak the words you prepared.

You traded in
Security for threats
Of the innocent.

15 thoughts on “Security (Love Nudge)

  1. This is going somewhere very sinister -what the hell is she going to do now? God, she’s going to regret ever going down this path. A great series, Sonya – really hooked now 🙂


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