Ennui (Love Nudge)

100 words about a new beginning while wishing for the old familiar ennui
photo by Henry McIntosh 

New flat; new (old) relationship status; promotion (the children live with your ex, there’s no need for you anymore to be home by dinner time); the upcoming trial of the other guy (which should end in a conviction because since you went to the police with the stalker photos he’d taken of the children, other women have come forward and testified to similar threats – this validates your decision to not be blackmailed into submission, even though you paid a high price for it).

And as of today, you’re on Tinder.

Excitement galore,
But be honest: you yearn for
Familiar ennui.

18 thoughts on “Ennui (Love Nudge)

  1. Sounds like things worked out. It can be hard to move on. I think we all yearn for the past at times, for old familiar habits. She doesn’t get custody of the kids, that would be hard. And hopefully, she can upgrade from Tinder, to someone who wants more than just sex. Good one Sonya!

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  2. We learn things the hard way… and things happen for a reason. I hope she will move on after a while.
    Great take on Ennui, Sonya. I’m loving your Haibuns… I think the form suits your style really well. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  3. This is so good, Sonya. I have a mixture of irritation and admiration for your heroine, but the admiration is winning out! She was daft to allow herself to fall into that trap, aletting herself be bowled over by lust. But, boy she’s taken the consequences on the chin and that bastard’s paying for what he’s done. I’d like to know the lady – she sounds like one of life’s survivors 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I like your reaction – yes, she made a huge mistake but she’s woman enough to own up to it. It wasn’t the direction I had in mind at the beginning, but I think it’s a bit less predictable. Glad you liked it 🙂

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