Loathing (Love Nudge)

100 words about double standards
photo by Tom Sodoge 

Local media make the trial their top story; soon everyone knows every detail of your sins. It doesn’t matter that you helped bring a criminal to justice. It doesn’t matter that you paid the price for your mistake. One woman comes up to you in the dairy aisle to ask what kind of mother you are.

‘A weekend one,’ you reply.

You could live with your fifteen minutes of ugly fame. But your girlfriends, the ones who don’t drop you, don’t hide their contempt.

You hate the thought
That, as a man, you’d have got
High fives for your sins.


Y’know, I’m not happy with this; it’s even worse than yesterday’s. That’s what I get for winging this mini-series – this is my final Love Nudge instalment for today’s prompt, loathing.

16 thoughts on “Loathing (Love Nudge)

  1. I’m feeling a bit feeble today, and this story which you’re not happy with feels very relevant to me, and brought a sob to my throat.
    Two years ago I shopped my son for a crime he committed. The police were after him, and he wanted to give himself up, but didn’t have the courage because he knew that as once he walked into the police station he wouldn’t be free for a while, so instead he hid, becoming more frightened and less sane everyday. He rang me, asked if the police were watching the house, and if he could come and have some food. I cooked him a meal and rang the police while he was eating it. It was the most painful action I have ever had to take, but I don’t regret it. I told Paul what I had done, and he never once blamed me. He knew it was the right thing.
    He came out of prison about seven months ago.
    I think your story is great, but hard to contain in 100 words.

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  2. I disagree Sonya. I can see how you might have wanted to finish on ennui – it was a fitting place to end your character’s arc (a smattering of hope mixed in with sadness) and I loved regret for its emotional power, but this is very strong.
    The woman in the dairy aisle and the character’s reply – shows our girl can still retaliate, still has some fight. And you know I’m going to agree with the sexual double standards issue – so very true. Because she’s a wife – and especially mother – she shouldn’t have thoughts and feelings and sexual desires so powerful she can’t control them, but if her husband had done the same, people might think he was a bastard, but wouldn’t be surprised. He’s a bloke – that’s what blokes do.
    It’s the old trope – women are Madonnas, Magdelenes, or Hags and that’s it.
    A worthy end to a great series and thanks so much for taking part.

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    1. Thank you. I may have been a bit harsh one myself… I’m glad you enjoyed the series – it was fun, if a bit challenging at the end – to write 🙂

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      1. It must have been. You notice, by the way, that I didn’t write any pieces myself – left the hard work to you clever people instead! It’s never easy writing to order, is it, but it can be a fascinating challenge and bring out stuff you might not have considered alone.

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        1. I think I read your first post about it at the right time – I had an idea what I wanted to do with it straight away. Broad strokes, so I still had to work out the details, but it helped that I knew the marriage wasn’t going to survive. It was great to have an entire week mapped out like that – I’m not usually that organised!

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          1. Serendipity! I’m glad the two – the competition and your initial idea – jelled together. It was a great series and I’d definitely like to run a comp again – if for no other reason than to give away some more copies of the book!

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  3. I loved the, “a weekend one” line. That was snappy. It shows she still has fire. Live and learn. This was a good series. I really enjoyed it. I would have killed the jerk, but that’s my shtick. You have a kinder heart, and a more realistic one.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. I was going to go somewhere darker, but the MC was rather insistent she would neither kill nor be killed. I’m still thinking I should have put my foot down and make her stab him with the bread knife…

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