Loss Draw Loss

Cure for sports blues:
Take lazy backside to beach
And run it off.


11 thoughts on “Loss Draw Loss

      1. I sent you the winds 🙂 They attacked the city where I work last week. They love to hang out on this particular corner downtown and maul passersby. Thank you Long Island Sound for that injustice 🙂


  1. You really make me want to move to Swansea, Sonya! I love the harbour here in Bristol, but the sea … it’s always been magical for me. The smell, the wind, the sound of breaking waves. A walk/run on the beach each day sounds like the best medicine.

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      1. It’s true, the harbour is one of my favourite places in the city. Just to walk around, past the Matthew, towards the S.S Great Britain – one of the perks of living here, definitely. If we only had a beach attached …


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