Half a Day of Spring

55 words about climate change
photo from Pixabay

The change of the seasons comes on a Monday. Icy in the morning, t-shirt weather by lunch, unbearable humidity in the evening. Not long and the winter precipitation will have dried. Six months of drought followed by six months of flood, plus half a day of spring and fall.

How we miss those moderate temperatures.


To answer your question, Lynn: No, mine isn’t more cheerful – I know, there’s a shocker.

6 thoughts on “Half a Day of Spring

    1. I visited a friend in Chicago a few years back and the temperature went from 50 to 85 degrees over night. Awful… Thanks for reading, Jessie 🙂


  1. Haha! As I realised my story was going to have a distopian edge, I thought of you 🙂
    Ah, how we will miss our temperate climate when it’s gone – all the moaning we do about our moderate, damp weather, but if the Gulf Stream moves we’ll have weather like parts of Canada. Then we’ll be whingeing.
    A scary twist on an all too possible future 🙂

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