Big Sis Failure

100 words about feeling guilty about a brother
(c) Ellespeth’s friend 

They are renovating the building across the road of my local independent coffee shop for months. I hate the sterile, choreographed warmth of Starbucks – not to mention the coffee’s awful unless I pour obesity-inducing levels of sugar in. But watching the builders swing up and down the scaffolding like monkeys, it takes me back. It reminds me I should call my brother – the brother who’s in a wheelchair because I made climb the scaffolding when we were kids and he fell.

Until I can return to my coffee shop without being reminded of my big sis failure, Starbuck it is.


Not my strongest work for FFfAW this week – you’ll find better stories here.

29 thoughts on “Big Sis Failure

  1. Great story Sonya! How sad to think it is your fault that your little brother is in a wheelchair. That would be a lot of guilt to have to carry. I guess she gets around that guilt by buying her coffee at Starbucks!

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      1. That’s good her brother has moved on then. Yes, that would be difficult to not feel guilty about. Have a nice day Sonya.

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