Three Line Tales, Week Four

Welcome to Week Four of Three Line Tales. Come and join our growing writing community.

three line tales week four, photo writing prompt
photo by Alyssa Smith (click here for full res version)

The TLT rules are simple:

  • Take a look at the photo prompt and write three lines to go with it.
  • Your lines can be poetry, micro-fiction, micro non-fiction, quotes you think fit the photo prompt or just a really long caption – everything goes as long as it’s three lines long (you decide how long one line is).
  • A link back to this post would be nice (it’ll make me feel obliged to swing by yours to read your three lines, and some of your readers might want to join in, too – the more, the merrier, right?).
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales – it’ll make it easier for others to find it in the Reader.
  • Use the hashtag #3LineTales on Twitter , #3LineTales on Ello or #3LineTales on Instagram if you’d rather not use your blog or don’t have one.
  • Read other participants’ lines and let them know what you think of their work.
  • If you want, post your three lines here in the comments (I think they’d look much better on your blog, though).
  • If the photo inspires you to write something longer than three lines, put a link in the comments, anyway – but mention you went over, please.
  • Have fun!

67 thoughts on “Three Line Tales, Week Four

    1. Great to hear! I’m trying to choose photos that offer many different details for people to base their lines on. Love your lines!

      I really can’t get past the New Yorker, so I’m glad I managed to wrestle the rainbow in, too 😀

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      1. You’ve chosen very well so far – not an easy task, really.
        Is your dream really to write for the New Yorker? They’re a bit beyond me, I think – way too high brow for the likes of I 🙂

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        1. Thanks – I have spent quite a long time choosing the photo prompt yesterday…

          The New Yorker used to be my dream. I don’t think it is anymore. I mean, I wouldn’t say no, but all I want is to write and be read, have a book out with my name on and make a bit of money from it.

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          1. I’m sure you will be, Sonya – you’ve got the talent for it, defninitely.
            Sounds like my dream too 🙂 If I could make some money from writing, it would feel like justification for all the hours I’ve spent on it! I’ll never be a ‘literary’ author – I’m not incisive enough, not smart enough with my words. And I like a plot to move! I’d love to be a good genre writer – that’s my aim, one day.

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    1. No worries, and you’re not that late. I have to get the round-up up on Sunday morning, though, or I’ll never get it done. Adding another link is no biggie.

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