Three Line Tales, Week Four: Round-Up

I can’t quite believe I’m typing this, but I got my act together the other day and put up a Three Line Tales page. Have I covered everything? Do you have any questions that need answering?

Now, shall I submit TLT to the WordPress Blogging Events listings? Since you are all part of TLT, I want to know what you think.

We’ve had thirty two submissions this week so far (unless I missed anyone – let me know if I did, I don’t mean to exclude anyone) – late entries are always welcome, though:

Stay fresh!


22 thoughts on “Three Line Tales, Week Four: Round-Up

  1. Ok… so feeling brave and inspired by your ever growing writing community – especially TLT. I’ve posted mine for week 4 on my blog and linked/tagged back to you (sorry for being later than the rest!) Being a bit technologically dim now… Is that all I have to do to join and share with you and other like minded bloggers?As you may have gathered, I’m not using wordpress and not sure if I have to sign up to that first… As you will see – I’m fairly new to all this!

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    1. Hi Michelle, it’s great to have you aboard the good ship TLT! Don’t worry about being a bit late – we can’t always drop everything for a writing challenge, can we?
      All I need is a link to your TLT post, either as a WordPress comment or on Twitter – whichever is easier for you. I just went to your site and found the link, so I’ve added it to the round-up.
      Any other question, let me know. Thanks again for participating 🙂


  2. Blimey, Sonya, TLT is growing week by week! I haven’t voted, as I think the answer is down to you. This challenge is growing each week as it is – if you put it on the challenges site, will it grow too big for you to deal with? Will it become a monster you wish you hadn’t started? Great fun – though sadly might miss this week due to the dreaded Mother’s Day prep 😦

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    1. I know, it’s taken on a life on its own… I don’t think there’s Blogging 101 scheduled in March, so I think there won’t be that many people joining TLT if I add it to the events listings. But yeah, I need to streamline my round-up process, I reckon, even if I decide against it.
      It’s not too late to join if you find the time… Hang on in there, it’ll all be over in a week 🙂

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      1. If you don’t mind me posting late, I’d love to – I really have enjoyed taking part!
        Yes, I was thinking of you and your round-up. I found it time consuming reading and collating for the Valentine comp, and only had 12-14 entrants. I guess you have to balance blogging time with other writing and try to forecast if TLT will take too much of it.
        BTW are you entering the Mslexia Short Story comp? End date 14th March. And Did you see, they’re doing a 300 word genre piece (Sci-fi, fantasy, crime, romance) every edition now? Could be fun …

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        1. I don’t mind at all!
          And yes, it does take a bit more time than I’d anticipated. On the other hand, it’s fun…
          I want to enter the Mslexia short story competition, yes. And the genre thing sounds fab, too. I should submit, I’ve promised myself that I’d stay away from markets that don’t pay this year in favour of paying markets…

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          1. I promised myself that a few years ago, only to find every paying market I submitted to rejected me! I’m sure you’ll have more success than I did, though, as your stories are so much better structured and complete than mine.
            I’m going to submit to both, though my short story feels a bit two dimensional compared to some of last year’s shortlisters. Must work harder on it 🙂


          1. Oh, yes I did last week – sorry, I meant this coming Thursday will be difficult for me to do. Might manage it as I finish work early-ish before the onslaught over the weekend. Looking forward to it 🙂

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          2. Oh, that’s what you meant… It’s a great photo, I hope you’ll find the time either on Thursday or later.

            Oh, my prize arrived in the post yesterday. Thanks again, I look forward to reading it 🙂

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          3. Glad it arrived safely. Feel free to skim over mine – not my best work 🙂 There’s some great poetry in there, though – I especially love my good pal Maureen Cullen’s work. A very talented poet and fast becoming a brilliant short story writer too, damn her 🙂 She writes a lot in Scots dialect and though as a sassenach it’s tough to read, it’s wonderful stuff. I can never trumpet her work enough.


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