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100 words about being infatuated with a rock star
FFfAW 55 photo prompt by Dark Rider

He’s got this lethal way of handling his guitar and he’s sooo hot with it she thinks she’ll melt. All gig long he’s been looking at her. At HER! For a moment at the end she imagines he’ll pull her out of the crowd. More likely he’s told his security guy to let her through backstage.

She fluffs her hair as she approaches. The security guy, it turns out, is a gal.

‘He’s waiting for me,’ she says.

‘Sorry, sweetie. He isn’t.’

Ms. Security wiggles her ring finger at her. His name’s tattooed on it.

‘All part of the show.’

Top 3 Stories – February 2016

Happy St. David’s Day! When I’ve done my writing for the day, I’m going to learn how to draw a daffodil. Maybe I’ll show you…

Oh, before I forget to mention it again: the final two instalments of my Mslexia guest post series are up.

  • Crossing the Isthmus – I love this world, I’ll have to write more about it
  • Owly Death Stares – brilliant photo prompt, this
  • Loathing – I came around on this one; all things considered, the Love Nudge Series turned out better than it should have, what with me giving it all of three minutes’ planning

That’s my February Top 3. As usual, I’m looking forward to hearing what you’d have chosen.