100 words about fake amnesia
photo by Lyndsey Burk 

I do remember; every crappy little thing and how they’ve gained critical mass to come to define me. Everybody thinks I’m the jerk who created this situation. They’re not wrong.

The accident was an accident. I didn’t look for that kind of cop-out. But I’m good at grasping an opportunity when one presents itself.

The therapist shows me a picture of my wife.

‘She looks nice. Do I know her?’

‘Doesn’t she trigger anything?’

Late-night shouting matches, the ultimatum I thought was a scare tactic, her filing for divorce.


I do remember everything.

I just make everybody believe otherwise.

10 thoughts on “Cop-Out

  1. That’s powerful. An opportunity taken, indeed. Is he still with the wife, then? Did she stay because she felt bad about the accident? And I wonder how long he can keep it up before he’s caught out. Great story, Sonya

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      1. Haha! Yep – you can’t keep that kind of thing up, it’d be too stressful. You’re bound to let something slip that will give you away


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