TLT: bookworm

three line tales 5: world book day edition; three lines about loving books
photo by Glen Noble 

you imagine yourself lost in this labyrinth of shelves
and chuckle ‘cos your biggest concern would be
what to do about coffee while you read

24 thoughts on “TLT: bookworm

  1. Love it! After I submitted mine, I thought of one of my favorite book stores: Powells in Portland, Oregon — piles and piles, floors and floors, of glorious books! Thanks for another fun challenge 🙂


  2. Cute, I like the word Labyrinth. It describes the picture so well. Hated that movie with David Bowie though.


      1. I know. So many people love it but creepy David Bowie in those too revealing pants trying to steal a baby and bewitch/keep a teenage girl as his own… Creepy! lol. Despite the muppets…

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