Field Report

100 words about an alien calling off the invasion
photo from Public Domain Archive

I understand what weeks are now and I know I have only been here three. I understand months, too. Do not wait six months.

I miss home.

I have had an answer since day three. Since then, I have verified my findings.

I want to come home.

Few and far between, I have found evidence of the greatness suggested by the pre-infiltration scans. They are capable of it. But they have to set aside their petty squabbles, their mean streaks, their small-mindedness and that, it seems, they will only achieve when they have a common enemy.

I request immediate extraction.


Great photo prompt for week 10 of FFftPP, don’t you think?

27 thoughts on “Field Report

  1. Sounds like she has done her job, so she needs to go home now. Now that it has been verified, she should be allowed to go. If she has to wait for them to set aside their petty squabbles, their mean streaks, their small-mindedness , she will be there for a very long time!

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  2. She does. You can see all those memorries and thoughts in her head. It is great photo, beautiful and sad in the same time. And actually you can create a milion storries based upon this picture 😄

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  3. I like the narrative. Well-written and certainly imaginative. The stoicism of the narrator’s perspective is reinforced, in reverse perhaps (because you had the image first, as I understand the prompt), by the black-and-white (or sepia-toned) image. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you! It’s interesting what you say about the picture reinforcing her stoicism – it’s good to hear that something that jumped out at me from it transferred to you as the reader.


      1. It is — I love that you post the image prompt separately as I like to get my own take on the image, post, then read what others have posted on the image 🙂

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