Sick Note

How can this thing
Smaller than the eye can see
Knock me off my feet?


Kiddo had norovirus over the weekend and now – inevitably – I’ve got it. This is the first time today I felt capable of making the long, arduous journey to the laptop (hooray for en-suite bathrooms…). I know there’s a lot of comments and I need to add links to the round-up, but not today. Today I’ll try to survive. Wish me luck.

13 thoughts on “Sick Note

  1. Jeez! Norovirus – that’s a nasty one. Hope kiddo’s back on track and you will be soon too. Those things are exhausting too. Take it very easy, don’t rush back to doing things – you’ll need a break. Get well soon, my dear x

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    1. Thank you, Lynn – I’m feeling much better today. For starters, I’m awake and I even braved a piece of plain Finn Crisp earlier. Kiddo only had a mild version, fortunately, she was fine yesterday and didn’t seem to mind at all that the Wii U took over parenting for the day since both the other half and I got knocked off our feet.

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      1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. My little tyke was knocked out by something over the weekend too and was more than delighted to be allowed to lie under a blanket watching telly all day. They bounce back quicker than us, too, don’t they? Thank goodness.


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