The Smell of Real Bread

100 words about the smell of bread
photo by Drew Coffman 

Everybody smells them first – the aroma of bread fresh from the oven never leaves them. It’s weird everybody calls us the triplets. I don’t look anything like them; I don’t smell the way they do.

I’d love to be their sister, bread-scented, bag stuffed with baked goods. Unlike the twins, though, I like spending time in the bakery. I help their mother clean after school, when the last of the day’s rolls have gone into the shop. Not that rolls make me smell like them – rolls aren’t real bread.

But it’s okay, I’m used to making do with second best.

12 thoughts on “The Smell of Real Bread

  1. Beautifully observed – I like the way you’ve fleshed out the character in few words, giving them a sense of belonging from the outside, whilst not really belonging. Very clever.

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  2. Such an engaging story. Artful like making bread. And using bread as a metaphor for how one feels about one’s place in life. Fantastic. Well, yes, and sad. Thank you!

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  3. It’s good that she likes bread and enjoys smelling it since she works around it all the time. I love to smell fresh bread too! I may not be able to say that though if I had to be around it all the time….but, I tend to doubt it! 🙂

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    1. I think bread is one of those things you can never smell too much of. I used to live above a bakery and the smell in the morning never got too much… Thanks, Jessie!

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