Alone at the Tate Modern

TLT week six - people at Tate Modern with St. Paul's in the background
photo by Samuel Zeller for TLT week 6   

Cornered by couples,
Loneliness looming, the artist looks at St. Paul’s.
It begins in a meringue dress and ends in wreckage, remember?

28 thoughts on “Alone at the Tate Modern

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I schedule the posts in advance to give myself a bit of distance to the photo, but I knew what I wanted to do with this. So my mind’s been working on it on the back burner for days, even though I only wrote it this morning. Unfair advantage, this 😉

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  1. “Cornered” and “loneliness.” Elegant word-smithing, overall. I had not noticed Saint Paul’s in the background. I’m not the greatest fan of the structure, mainly because it comes from an era I fail to appreciate. You use this disinclination in an apt way for the poem-voice. Thank you!

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