Caturday Couplets: Fickle Feline

three couplets about the cat
The Cat
(c) Sonya, 2016

Entertain me, play with me, says the cat.
If you don’t I’ll shred the bathroom mat.

If he had any, he’d raise an eyebrow at me.
He’ll meow and meow and meow at me.

‘Alright then, Sir, let’s have a play.’
He saunters off – Changed my mind, okay?

18 thoughts on “Caturday Couplets: Fickle Feline

  1. If you’re wondering what happened to the Saturday serial – I’ve no had time to plan this week’s instalment, so you get a cat pic instead 🐈

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    1. Thanks! I have to make the most of sharing the house with one of the Internet’s most popular creatures 😀
      Hope the recovery is going well!


  2. My own cat meows for food and for cream,
    Or for closed doors to open, or so it would seem.
    Does she know what she wants? A petting or such?
    She craves attention and then meows when touched.
    I think she’s just crazy, a loonie, a nut;
    But so are all cats, the crazed fuzzy-butts.

    [I liked your little poem; it rings like a bell,
    So I thought to respond in verse just as well.]

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by
      and leaving a rhyming reply!
      They’re funny beasts, cats,
      with or without hats,
      but I love my crazy furry guy 🙂

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