People Make Monsters

100 words about a genetically engineered super-soldier
This week’s FFfAW photo prompt from Pixabay by skeeze 

It won’t stop following her. She throws a rock at it. It wags its tail. She pulls the gun and points at it. Olli puts a hand on her arm.

‘What are you doing, S? He’s a dog.’

‘Could still be bad.’

‘Dogs aren’t bad.’

‘You should see the monsters guarding the facility.’

‘People made them monsters. Sound familiar at all?’

She lowers the gun.

‘We need to work on your problem-solving skills.’

‘Shoot, punch, kill – it’s all I know. You’re right. I’m a monster.’

‘You’re not. They tried and failed. You just need a little love. Like this dog.’

36 thoughts on “People Make Monsters

  1. Wow, this is so strong! Great tension! Reading it feels like watching a movie. I can hear the Hans Zimmer score playing in the background.


  2. Very captivating (as Lori says). Trained to be a killer, knows of dogs guarding the facility trained to kill. Throws her off when a dog loves her, just because he’s a dog and that’s what they do best. She does need that dog.


  3. I love the idea that a dog can save a person’s life. You’re so right about the fact that people are responsible for much of the hate that we see in animals–heartbreaking!

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