100 words about a mysterious letter
from PDA

I love painting, but I’m rubbish at it. I don’t let it stop me. Once I get in the zone, I’m getting better. So I’m not best pleased when the doorbell rings and it’s the postie with a letter addressed to occupant that needs signing for. I mean, the cheek.

I throw it straight in the bin.

Next day, same thing.

‘Does everybody get these?’

‘Just you.’



I dangle it over the bin. I’ve already been interrupted, though, I might as well take a break. I make a cuppa, open the letter and wonder if I’ll regret it.


Boy did this week’s FFftPP photo prompt do nothing for me… Best I could do.


22 thoughts on “Disrupted

  1. Entertaining 🙂 you know, where I live, a letter to the occupants (or the residents) is most likely advertisement of buying/selling of condos in the area. Those letters definitely go to the bin for me. 😀

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  2. Your take was more fun than mine, and probably quite a bit better! Anyway, there will be times prompts do nothing for us! It was a really good read and left you wondering just what was in the letter.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Angie! I find very often the prompts I initially think won’t work for me yield some quite fantastically unexpected stories, but it didn’t happen this time… Ah well. Will have a look at yours in a bit 🙂

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