What Goes Around

100 words about an investment banker who lost his money
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Who do you think you are?

He doesn’t know who he is anymore. He used to be somebody – does that makes him a nobody now?

What gives you the right to behave like this?

Easy: money. Having it is all that matters; money means carte blanche.

Shouldn’t you treat others the way you’d want to be treated?

Everyone used to treat him like royalty; he rewarded it, yet none of his crowd stuck around after he’d lost everything. They follow the money; they ignore him if he’s lucky, call him names if he isn’t.

Who do they think they are?


The lovely Nortina has just started Moral Mondays, a new weekly flash-fiction challenge. Yay, more writing prompts! Click on the picture on the left to find this week’s prompt and join in.

My story this week is more wishful thinking than fable. A girl can dream, right?

11 thoughts on “What Goes Around

  1. I definitely agree with your post. Most people would treat you like royalty once you have money but if you have nothing, they’d treat you like a trash. Another harsh reality.

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  2. The love of money truly makes us despicable. I like how you incorporate karma within the story by asking the question again at the end, but under different context–a great illustration of this world’s double standards too.

    By the way, I use the term “fable” loosely, so you’re good! 😉

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  3. Everyone would like to be treated alike..if they have money or if they don’t have money…. Every person is valuable! Too bad everyone doesn’t see it that way.

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