Everything Comes at a Price

They click from the get-go. He says all the right things, he’s good-looking. It’s logical to see if their online chemistry translates.


100 words about the woman who sold her soul for the perfect life
photo by Désirée Fawn 

‘Careful with the mousse.’

His voice has gone squeaky. She should tell him she’ll say yes.


‘You have such a charmed life,’ her sister says at their silver wedding anniversary.


Their first serious argument comes over where to retire to: Spain or France. Both stand their ground until he admits France is better.


At his funeral, a shrivelled man with hair standing up in hornlike tufts gives her a cheery wave. Her charmed life comes at a price.


Writing a story in snapshots when you only have one hundred words to play with – challenging. Did I pull it off?

19 thoughts on “Everything Comes at a Price

    1. No, not quite. But she had the devil take the perfect picture of her before she signed up for online dating… I know there are a few gaps – sometimes it’s difficult to translate everything that’s in my head into 100 words.

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        1. As I said, there’s a lot more going on that didn’t quite make it onto the page… Glad you still enjoyed it 🙂


      1. The end actually gave me an idea that maybe she had an agreement with the devil to exchange her soul to have a charmed life? Did I get it right? Nice story.

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