Glaring Mistake

100 words about an artist who made a mistake
FFfAW week 59 photo prompt (c) S. Writings 

He got the eyes wrong.

They are gentle creatures, cows – they were rightly chosen as vessels to convey the message of peace. He won the bid to paint them with his flower and heart-shaped leaf design.

It’s a good design: bold colours, strong symbols. It works, it emphasises the message. If it weren’t for the eyes, it’d be a triumph.

Instead of a gentle, peaceful expression, the cows’ eyes burn with hostility. He got so engrossed in the colourful depiction of love, he made a glaring mistake with their eyes – undoing the message.

And he only notices as they’re unveiled.

39 thoughts on “Glaring Mistake

  1. While the average patron thinks everything they do is absolutely brilliant, one tiny mistake will continuously haunt the artist’s dreams until it is corrected. Tis the life of the artist.

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    1. Indeed it is. How often do I publish something I think is sub-par and I get loads of appreciative comments. Nobody will pay attention to the eyes, I reckon…
      Thanks, Nortina 🙂

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  2. Ah, don’t you hate that? Seeing your mistakes after your work is released for public scrutiny? Like Nortina said, it’s often only the artist that sees the flaw, but it’s pure torture until it’s corrected. Nice story.

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  3. I know when I am working on my art, too often when I “think” I am finished, I have done something I don’t like at all but it’s too late to change it. I know how this artist feels. Wonderful story, Sonya!

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  4. I so agree with Nortina’s comments above. You’ve captured the essence of many an artist with this delightful story.

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  5. Oh no after all that time and effort and he messed up on the eyes. It’s always down to the small details, that everyone will notice and puck out. I think he should have stepped back and looked at the cows before he cried fini. Great job Sonya!

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  6. A mistake the artist will probably relive over and over, but hopefully has learned a lesson from it and will check his work more carefully next time. I think we tend to beat ourselves up on our own mistakes more than other people do. Great story.

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  7. I think what I love most about these photo challenges is that the stories make me see the photos in entirely new ways. I hadn’t even noticed the eyes until I read this. Great insight!


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