TLT: Public Service Announcement

three line tales photo prompt: Scrabble tiles
TLT week Nine photo prompt by Moritz Schmidt 

throughout April
expect quiet* – I’m off to Camp
writing Scarlett


*  What I mean is expect haiku and other short stuff. Maybe even the occasional novel excerpt.

23 thoughts on “TLT: Public Service Announcement

  1. Must put one of these up too. No good at haikus, though. Will have to think of some other way to keep myself ticking over. Will you still manage TLTs, do you think?

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    1. I’ve almost scheduled them all for the month, so the posts will be there. Not quite sure about the round-ups, but then I suppose I can copy and paste links after writing my words for the day…

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      1. Ooh, great. I’ve managed to schedule a post a week for April, but was hoping to get further on than that before the month started … It’s the lack of commenting I’ll feel guilty about – hence the need for an announcement, I think. I do do a lot of chatting … 🙂


  2. Yay! Going to Camp 🙂 I’ve never been and didn’t work on mine today, but I’ll write a bunch this weekend — looking forward to your short excerpts 🙂

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