Three Line Tales: Week Eight

Welcome to Week Eight of Three Line Tales.

three line tales week eight: flags
TLT photo prompt by Liam Desic – click here for full res version 

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
  • Link back to this post.
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader).
  • Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.
  • Have fun.

Happy three-lining!

Just so you know, I’ll be out all day today – I’ll read and comment when I can, but I won’t be around much and will have to play catch-up.



Everything Comes at a Price

They click from the get-go. He says all the right things, he’s good-looking. It’s logical to see if their online chemistry translates.


100 words about the woman who sold her soul for the perfect life
photo by Désirée Fawn 

‘Careful with the mousse.’

His voice has gone squeaky. She should tell him she’ll say yes.


‘You have such a charmed life,’ her sister says at their silver wedding anniversary.


Their first serious argument comes over where to retire to: Spain or France. Both stand their ground until he admits France is better.


At his funeral, a shrivelled man with hair standing up in hornlike tufts gives her a cheery wave. Her charmed life comes at a price.


Writing a story in snapshots when you only have one hundred words to play with – challenging. Did I pull it off?

Photo Studio R. E. Ficul

100 words about Lucifer's soul-capturing photo studio
I love this week’s FFfAW photo prompt, (c) Uday  

This is the place, I know it in my bones. Neither peeling paint nor closed blinds slow me down. I push against the heavy wooden door; it opens without resistance or creaking.

Dancing dust motes light up in the sunshine the closing door allows in. There’s a whiff of ancient egg with base notes of mothball. A shrivelled man, hair standing up in hornlike tufts, smiles at me.

‘Um, I need …’

‘A photo which captures your soul while making you look as if you should have been a film star, yes. Take a seat and sign here while I prepare.’

What Goes Around

100 words about an investment banker who lost his money
photo by PublicDomainPictures

Who do you think you are?

He doesn’t know who he is anymore. He used to be somebody – does that makes him a nobody now?

What gives you the right to behave like this?

Easy: money. Having it is all that matters; money means carte blanche.

Shouldn’t you treat others the way you’d want to be treated?

Everyone used to treat him like royalty; he rewarded it, yet none of his crowd stuck around after he’d lost everything. They follow the money; they ignore him if he’s lucky, call him names if he isn’t.

Who do they think they are?


The lovely Nortina has just started Moral Mondays, a new weekly flash-fiction challenge. Yay, more writing prompts! Click on the picture on the left to find this week’s prompt and join in.

My story this week is more wishful thinking than fable. A girl can dream, right?

Three Line Tales, Week Seven: Round-Up

three line tales, week seven; Guinness Storehouse in Dublin
Guinness Storehouse, (c) Sonya, 2008

I guess people were too busy celebrating St. Paddy’s Day to TLT – not that I blame you. I took this week’s photo at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin on the way to the Gravity Bar, after all.

I’m behind reading everyone’s lines this week – life got in the way, my apologies.

Happy Sunday!

The Dangers of Gardening

100 words about a gardening accident; Sat serial; Gwen realises she fancies Alex
photo by Neslihan Gunaydin 

Gwen knocks on Alex’s door. He’s probably at the hospital. She could go to A&E, the cut was an accident – she’d been careless with the secateurs.

‘Where are you? Need patching-up.’

She hears his phone beep inside. She knocks again, almost taking down the door.

‘It had better be a matter of life and death. I’ve covered for a colleague and haven’t slept in thirty-six hours.’

He’s wearing nothing but shorts; Gwen’s thoughts take a decidedly dirty turn. Usually, she’s in too much pain to notice how fit Alex is.

‘So, what is it this time?’

Yes, what’s it again?


Click here for all previous instalments of the Saturday Serial.


100 words about a mysterious letter
from PDA

I love painting, but I’m rubbish at it. I don’t let it stop me. Once I get in the zone, I’m getting better. So I’m not best pleased when the doorbell rings and it’s the postie with a letter addressed to occupant that needs signing for. I mean, the cheek.

I throw it straight in the bin.

Next day, same thing.

‘Does everybody get these?’

‘Just you.’



I dangle it over the bin. I’ve already been interrupted, though, I might as well take a break. I make a cuppa, open the letter and wonder if I’ll regret it.


Boy did this week’s FFftPP photo prompt do nothing for me… Best I could do.