In Lieu of a Punching Bag (CampNaNo excerpt 2)

100 word excerpt from Scarlett; she's looking for someone to punch
photo by Dan Watson

Same guy who tried to chat her up earlier’s waiting for her when she steps out of the ladies. He’d better try something stupid because splashing her face with cold water didn’t help. She’s still furious.

‘Lost your bodyguard?’

He takes a step towards her.

‘I wouldn’t.’

She has to warn him so she can say he’s been warned.

‘Or what?’

He lunges to grab her. She slams him to the floor. Before she gets to throw a punch, though, Herman stops her. He looms over the guy and snarks, ‘Didn’t your mum teach you never to talk to strangers?’


It is, again, entirely coincidental that the Moral Monday’s prompt this week seemed tailor-made for one of my scenes today – cheers Nortina!

20 thoughts on “In Lieu of a Punching Bag (CampNaNo excerpt 2)

    1. Skillful inner detail, telling what’s happening in the mind. From the content, I hope others realize that power and rage exist in everyone. So take care and be respectful. Really well-done work. Thank you!

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    2. Thanks PJ! Sorry for my FFfAW absence this month, btw, but I can’t write an independent piece of flash and the novel side by side… I’ll be back in May, though 🙂


  1. Oh, that girl is lethal – and lookign for trouble. Can’t wait to see what she does next 🙂 Great idea to post exerpts btw – will have us all dying to read the book when it gets published 🙂

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