TLT: Aunt Beth’s Cabin

TLT week 13 photo prompt by Dayne Topkin 

The way Mum put it, Aunt Beth lost it when she moved away from the civilised world, but maybe she’s been saner than any of us; she’s had years to acclimatise.

‘It’s ready but be careful, these get super hot,’ Beth says, pointing to the red enamel cup next to the matching kettle – who knew you didn’t need electricity to make coffee?

Beth’s cabin’s clean, dry and there’s good coffee – beats what’s left of civilisation.

9 thoughts on “TLT: Aunt Beth’s Cabin

  1. Wonderful scene you establish here; I just love the cozy feeling that I get, wanting to be in that cabin to breathe in the aroma of the coffee and to feel the warmth of the stove. Gorgeous!


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