100 words about a female contemporary Atlas
(c) momtheobscure

‘We’re off shoe shopping. Want to come?’

She inspects her callused, battered feet. Pretty shoes aren’t going to make a difference, are they? Not to mention that her feet have become so flat and wide she wouldn’t find a shoe that’d fit. She says no thanks but mentions she’s glad they invited her.

Not to mention she cannot go anywhere.

But everyone treats her as if she were still a member of the community. They visit her at the western edge to give her the opportunity to turn them down. She doesn’t have a choice, but she appreciates the charade.


(Story 3 of 31 for Story A Day, inspired by the week 64 FFfAW photo prompt)

26 thoughts on “Atlanta

  1. I love this idea – a female Atlas holding up the sky and worrying about how wide her feet have become, pressed down by the weight she carries! Great short, Sonya

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  2. That’s very sad. I wish there was some way she could manage to go and find shoes. Lol. I can think of an online shop actually where you can get your shoes boots/custom made for wide feet/narrow calves/wide calves etc. It would be a good place for a person such as this. Their shoes/boots are stylish. Expensive, but worth it if you have problems such as this woman. lol. Great take on the prompt.

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    1. You know, I saw the statue, thought of Atlas and that was that… But I admit it’s a bit weird 😀


      1. It’s okay to say, “how on God’s green earth did you miss the HUGE sculpture.” I get that a lot… 😉


  3. Wonderful story, Sonya! She is a realist and understands her situation, yet grateful to be thought of as still a member of the community. That, in itself, goes a long way in helping someone tolerate their situation.


  4. Great story, Sonya. 🙂 I love that the rest of the community still try to include Atlanta despite her not being able to move from her place. Nicely done.


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