Another Chance

100 words about looking into one's future
photo by Carlos Martinez

The only visitor since you arrived here, you sit by the hospital bed, holding the patient’s hand. You try to find the words – so many to choose from, none of them right.

In the days before she became unconscious, the patient told you her life story. It was difficult to keep listening at times – all those regrets, all those people the patient had repelled.

‘If only I had another chance, I’d do things differently,’ the patient had said.

When the patient dies, you slip out unseen, determined to avoid the mistakes you’d have made hadn’t you travelled into your future.


Story 5 of 31 for Story A Day May.

8 thoughts on “Another Chance

  1. Oh wow. That last line. I am not sure if I imagined it right. But this has a slight punch that’s surely moving. Love the poignant yet powerful lines, Sonya. Especially this one: “so many to choose from, none of them right.”


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