This is not a chat-up line

100 words about meeting your grandfather unexpectedly
photo by Ken Wu

‘Hello sweetheart.’

‘Yikes, grandpa. Chat up someone closer to your age.’

‘I’m not chatting you up. That would be illegal.’

‘Yeah? I might be eighteen.’

‘I’ve been watching you for a couple of days.’

‘Watching me? It’s getting worse by the sentence.’

‘I am your grandfather. Paternal grandfather.’

‘No, you’re not. I mean, you look old enough, but you hardly give off the responsible adult vibe. Also, my father’s father is dead.’

‘Is that what Jamie told you? How did I die?’

‘Dunno… Crap, you look just like him, though. If Dad were old and a hippie, I mean.’



Story 7 of 31 for Story A Day.