What they didn’t tell you when they made you janitor of the tallest building in town

100 words about  a janitorShe sits down. If she decides to, she can slide over and …

‘You’re too close to the edge there.’

The guy’s voice makes her jump. If she’d sat closer to it…

‘You don’t want to fall off. Unless you do.’

She flinches.

‘Yeah, know how I can tell?’

She shakes her head.

‘You’re here. Only two types of people come up here. Those who think they want to die, and me. I’m the bloody janitor. Yet all I do is talk people down. If they paid me like a shrink, I wouldn’t complain. Now, will you come with me already?’


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Three Line Tales, Week 14: Round-Up

I know I made it a bit tricky this week, but you know what? The results were fantastic – this week’s crop is well worth reading:

If your three line tale isn’t on the list, give me a shout – I don’t mean to exclude anyone but I do make mistakes.