Late Night Mess

100 words about a couple who can't agree if they should move in with each other
photo by Harry Tang 

‘Oops, I don’t think I’ve any clean clothes at yours.’

‘I’ve been thinking… Isn’t it time we moved in with each other?’

‘Why? This works, doesn’t it?’

‘But we spend most nights together anyway.’

‘Yes, most. Not all, though.’

‘Because of logistics. If we lived together, we wouldn’t have to negotiate where to sleep. We wouldn’t have to carry clean clothes from and dirty ones back to our respective homes.’

‘Doesn’t bother me. And I gave you the bottom drawer.’

‘I want more than a drawer.’

‘You know what I want? Sleep alone.’

He watches her disappear into the night.


Story 9 of 31 for Story A Day, inspired by today’s Moral Mondays prompt.

7 thoughts on “Late Night Mess

  1. Late Night Mess and What they didn’t tell you when they made you Janitor of the tallest building in town,we’re both brilliant. I like the slightly longer flash fiction that you write.

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    1. I suppose 100-word stories are still my strong suit. And I certainly find them easier to write than the micro-short stuff, tbh… Thank you! 🙂


  2. I’ve never heard of the moral nothing good happens after 2:00 am. I’ve had some very fun nights after 2 A.M but I also imagine much crime occurs then etc. I liked how your story showed the moral, fighting or talking about serious matters isn’t good later in the evening when you’re not at your best and most rested.

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    1. Well, that’s probably why mothers tell their kids that nothing good ever happens then… I’ve had some excellent times at 2am, as well 🙂

      But yes, big relationship decisions are best not made at that time, I think. Thanks, Amanda!

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  3. Push too hard too soon and that’s what you get – to watch your lover’s back as it vanishes through the door. Nice twist on the prompt, Sonya 🙂


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