Connie Wants to be a Sidekick

100 words about Gwen's new sidekick
photo by Andrew Amistad 

I know these back alleys inside out, I rush through here every day on the coffee run. Yet I’m scared. Turns out they look different in the dark. Unfamiliar.

But I’m here, where she’s been spotted before, so I’m going to keep loitering. With intent. Even though there’s nobody around.

Hang on. Footsteps. Coming from above.

‘Is that you?’

Stupid thing to say. Silence.

‘I want to be your sidekick.’

She comes sliding down a drainpipe.

‘You? What help would you be?’

She underestimates me. Everybody does. I look her up and down.

‘For starters, I could design your costume.’


The Saturday Serial is taking a break, but this one wanted to be written today, so here’s story 14 of 31 for Story A Day May.

5 thoughts on “Connie Wants to be a Sidekick

  1. Neat. Reminds me of a Will Smith Super Hero movie. He needed. PR guy to reform his image, who was played by Jason Batemen. Can’t think of the name though . . . Great story.


  2. LOL that’s part of “Super Hero 101” … a good costume. Yes, I think Connie is just what Gwen needs 🙂


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