Let them eat ready meals

100 words about the BBC food recipes to be taken down
photo by Maria Molinero 

‘You know what the problem is? All these easy recipes people can access on their phones in the supermarket. I’ve seen them wander around the aisles hunting for ingredients. And then they go home and cook. From scratch. Is it any surprise the sales figures aren’t where they should be? No, indeed it is not. We have to make those recipes disappear. Then people will wander around aimlessly looking for easy dinner options. We need to create a void to fill.

So, what will it take to make the recipes go away? How big a donation will do the trick?’


Story 17 of 31 for Story A Day – today’s prompt is ‘inspired by real events’.

13 thoughts on “Let them eat ready meals

  1. I know – I was gutted when I heard about BBC Food taking down their recipes – not sure how many times they’ve saved and inspired us. Just for Mary Berry ones alone … More erosion of a beloved insitution. Don’t get me started, or I’ll rant all day. 😦
    Great story, Sonya

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      1. I’ll take a look at that, Sonya, thanks. Can’t really see how it saves the Beeb money, either – unless they’re getting rid of the whole site. But then, I don’t really understand the inner working of the interwebisphere. Makes me sodding furious, what’s happening to the Beeb


    1. What? Oh no! I hadn’t heard. That’s one of a handful of sites I use to do checks of different ways to make the same thing then pick and choose elements I like. A shame.

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        1. yes, a shame. a really good site, although you need to overlook the supermarket promos is taste.com.au users rate the recipes so less of that experimental feel of a lot of recipes online.


  2. I love finding recipes on line! It’s great to go through friends but I have found awesome recipes especially for my Dad who needs to eat gluten free. I could see how how it cuts into profits lol.

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  3. I hadn’t heard that! I am old school and bring the printed out recipes with me — I have a 3-ring binder of the favorites to be made again. I’ve found in recent years eating vegan for a while, and now just trying to eat more cleanly, I can purge those that don’t work and only keep the favorites! Thank you for the lovely lines!


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