Lady M(ermaid)

Sleeping Mermaid – (c) Sonya, 2015

The Little Mermaid took the knife and ran to the prince’s bedroom. She loved him. But if she couldn’t have him, she didn’t want another woman to have him, either. She plunged the knife into his heart, put it in his new wife’s hand and wet her feet with his blood. They stopped hurting. She flung herself out the window and into the sea, watching her legs turn into a fishtail again.

Despite the transformation, the Little Mermaid wasn’t herself anymore. She spent her days rubbing away an invisible stain on her tail, voicelessly complaining about her ever bloody feet.


Story 19 of 31 for Story A Day May – today’s prompt suggested we retell a fairy tale, so I injected a little Shakespeare into the ending of the Little Mermaid.

17 thoughts on “Lady M(ermaid)

  1. That’s amazing. I always thought Ariel was a fool to leave the ocean for the lame prince anyway. I wanted to be a mermaid when I was a little girl 🙂

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  2. Interesting twist. Reminds me of the story “The Lady or the Tiger.” Same scenario. A princess can choose one gate for her lover to face in the arena. She can’t have him because she’s royalty and her father found out. Behind one door is a beautiful woman who could be his wife, behind the other door is a tiger. She can signal to him which door. In your version of the little mermaid I see, the princess very much chose for her love, the tiger. Awesome job Sonya.

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  3. Oh, now this is really lovely in a tragic way of course. You’ve captured passion and loss and created a whole atmosphere in so few words. Poor Little Mermaid – a touch of the Lady Macbeth, there too ,I think. Smashing, Sonya. I reckon I could have found my May favourite already 🙂

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