The Thing About Calligraphy

Everyone has chipped in because the class is quite expensive. Which is why I feel I need to make an effort. And believe me, it is an effort. I don’t want to take my time and execute my strokes in a mindful fashion. I know they meant well but this is the worst present ever.

‘Still illegible,’ one of the nurses remarks. ‘Aren’t you halfway through by now?’

That’s just the thing – the one thing I’ve learnt in the last few weeks, incidentally. Calligraphy practice doesn’t have much of an influence on penmanship. My handwriting is as bad as ever.


Story 25 of 31 for Story A Day May.

8 thoughts on “The Thing About Calligraphy

  1. You got me thinking about the worst presents and I had to share this with you. Near my B’day my gal friend was going to Paris and asked me what I would like for my special day. As a beader, I said, BEADs! She comes back with not one but two strands of mustard color 2 inch SKULLS. My four letter words were exercised that day!

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    1. Oh dear, that is terrible! I’m pretty sure they have pretty beads in Paris, as well. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Practicing medicine, I doubt her handwriting will ever get any better…maybe when she retires and time is not an issue.She probably writes better when she really takes her time, I know I do!


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