The Parasite

100 words about a vampire's victimThis is your worst nightmare.

Him, with a new girl. You see the resemblance between her and your former self – a full-blooded whirlwind bursting with youth and life.

Had you been honest with yourself, you’d have seen tonight coming. He left you a husk of your bubbly self. You’re as pale as he is, as close to death before he’s had a drink; you can’t provide the life-force he needs any longer.

New Girl may think this is what she wants. Didn’t you? She’ll come to regret her choice soon.

If only you could muster the energy to warn her.


Story 29 of 31 for Story A Day May.

8 thoughts on “The Parasite

  1. Wow, again love the concise imagery. For some reason, reminds me of when the ex-girlfriend sees her ex with someone new, there’s always that aspect of wondering if that new person knows all the flaws and secrets her ex revealed before it all fell apart. Powerful and moving!!

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  2. I see this as a revenge of an ex on the guy on the pretext of identifying the resemblance with the girl and assuming that the guy would do the same to her as he did to the ex. We all know how dynamic life is and the changes we all are capable of undergoing on a day to day basis due to the situations and experiences. Who knows the guy must have changed or might be already in transition after the last relationship.

    If one considers the fact that the guy hasn’t changed, even then it is time to move on for the ex. The decision of the new girl has been made based on her understanding of the man, the decision is mutual. May be she has already seen the bad side of the man but knows that she can bring that change and work a relationship with him.

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      1. He he. I can’t help not do that, put thought, so much or so less is not in my control :). Sorry, if it was kind of irritating.


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