Spoil the Child

100 words about an abusive father
photo by Henry Lo 

She has learnt to endure Father’s punishment without so much as a flinch – if she flinches, whimpers, cries, he’ll get angrier.

But she’s inherited Father’s anger. The first time it flares up when she finds a bruise on her baby brother.

The second time, it makes her fling herself at Father’s fist as he’s about to hit her brother again. The look of shock on his face is almost worth the pain of the beating she takes in return.

She doesn’t want there to be a third time. She will have to talk to someone before she turns into Father.


Story 30 of 31 for Story A Day May, using this week’s Moral Mondays prompt.

10 thoughts on “Spoil the Child

  1. She is very wise…knowing she must seek help before history repeats itself! Written well…you have relayed the anger, frustration, pain, strength, determination, and realization she has experienced.


  2. Well written tale. Sad the father is so abusive but good thing the daughter very clearly knows, she doesn’t want to be like her Father.


  3. Great take on the prompt! So many people use that quote as an excuse to beat their children and it’s disgusting.


  4. The hardships of having an abusive parent has really matured her. It’s good that she recognizes the cycle forming, and hopefully she can put a stop to it before she becomes her father. Another great story!


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