Young and Impatient

100 words about an impatient young mermaid
FFfAW week 68  photo prompt via Unsplash 

‘Give it a decade and Manhattan will be ours. We have waited this long, why the sudden rush?’

‘Mother, please,’ Marina pleads.

It’s her only wish. Mother remains unmoved.

‘It’s so unfair, Delphine. Why won’t she let me? Shelley goes, all the time.’

‘Shelley tried once and got caught. You know she likes telling tales. She doesn’t know the safe way out.’

Marina’s eyes light up like an anglerfish.

‘Do you?’

I hesitate for a second. She’s only thirty-three and I may regret this.

‘No word to anyone. Including Shelley. Up there, you follow my lead. Happy Birthday, baby sis.’


Story 31 of 31 for Story A Day May.

8 thoughts on “Young and Impatient

  1. LOL! Only 33 years old and can’t move to or go to the city! My question is, when is she going to grow up? Haha! Cute story, Sonya! Did you realize you haven’t linked this up to the board yet? I have been waiting for it to link up to the board to read it and decided maybe you forgot, so I would remind you.

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    1. Thanks, PJ!
      I didn’t add the link on purpose because I don’t think I have much time to read this week – I thought it wouldn’t be fair if I added mine.


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