Bad Cog

100 words about a dystopian near future scenario where everybody is drugged just to make it through the day
FFfAW week 70 photo prompt (c) Nonnaci 

Fifteen minutes since I swallowed the breakfast pill and I’m still waiting for the comfort of its artificial blanket of docility to envelop me. When it comes, it does a shoddy job. How am I supposed to drift off when my feet are cold?

The drugs want to funnel me down the tunnel to alertness and obedience so I’ll do my job like a good cog. I resist. I need my dose upped but I won’t be eligible for ages. I could plead.

Or I could go with rebellion. Wean myself off. De-cog myself from the machine.

Terrifying, exhilarating idea.

16 thoughts on “Bad Cog

  1. Ah, a little more insight extended from the earlier story. At least she’s thinking about weaning herself off it, albeit in the same breath as thinking about pleading for more. Very effective illustration of just saying no….

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    1. Yes, the problem is, sometimes, I’ve created the world, the character, all the backstory and motivation in my head, but they don’t translate into 100 words :D. Glad I could shed some more light on it.

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  2. Awww, great story! A pill that keeps the person like everyone else – a cog in the wheel. I like the idea of “decogging!” I usually don’t read these until they are linked to InLinkz but I noticed you haven’t linked yours yet. I didn’t know if you are having problems, waiting for some reason, or maybe don’t want to link it. So this is just a gentle reminder or let me know if you need help.


  3. Wonderful. Degoging, weening off, sounds like a good idea. But she might want to be subvert about her plans, or they’ll up her dose again.


  4. Enjoyed this post a lot. One of my favorite dilemmas in society. The choice to wake up.


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