What My Father Taught Me

100 words about an absent father
photo by Alex Jones 

When I watch my girlfriends – one going through a nasty divorce, another dating jerk after jerk, and that’s only the last few months – I appreciate what I learnt from my old man. His teaching methods were unconventional – the cheating liar abandoned my mother, my sister and me during my formative years.

I hated him, for almost a decade. But look at me now. I’m nearing thirty and no man has left a chink in my armour. I expect the worst, I expect behaviour worthy of my father. I haven’t met anyone half as bad yet. I haven’t been disappointed again.

16 thoughts on “What My Father Taught Me

  1. Great character illustration. I learned a similar lesson from my dad. You can’t be disappointed if you don’t expect anything…


  2. Oh, great story, Sonya! Yes, we do learn by bad example as well as by the good. Let’s hope she doesn’t let it cloud her view of all men – there iare a handful of decent chaps out there! Nice work, ma’am.

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