Flash Fiction Day: help me

a call for writing prompt submissions
photo by Lauren Mancke

Dear Readers,

I need your help. I stumbled across Damon Wakes’ Flash Fiction Day earlier and couldn’t resist signing up for it (Doesn’t it look fun? You can still sign up, too, if you fancy it).

I don’t know how many stories I’ll manage to write. I’d like to write at least twelve. None of them longer than 100 words (obviously), but it’s still a lot. I’ll need plenty of inspiration. From you. A single word, a starting line, photo prompts, a (fictional) response to a recent post of yours – anything you’d like to see me use during my story marathon, pop it in the comments, please.

I am not going to promise I’ll use every prompt. But I’ll try.

The Reading Room

100 words about the reading room from hell
Photo prompt for FFfAW week 71, (c) TJ Paris – thanks for the inspiration! 

She admires old shelves filled with even older books. She can’t believe she’s in. Admission to the reading room is a privilege, bestowed exclusively on the brightest young lawyers.

‘It’s quite hot, isn’t it?’

She’s whispering – anything above a hushed voice would seem out of order. The senior parter chuckles. Loudly.

‘This is nothing. Wait until you get access to the lower levels. It’s hot there.’

She didn’t know about the lower levels.

‘Is the ceiling flickering?’

Her companion chuckles again.

‘You signed without reading the contract?’

She nods.

‘Well, you signed. Once you’re in, there is no getting out.’