The Reading Room

100 words about the reading room from hell
Photo prompt for FFfAW week 71, (c) TJ Paris – thanks for the inspiration! 

She admires old shelves filled with even older books. She can’t believe she’s in. Admission to the reading room is a privilege, bestowed exclusively on the brightest young lawyers.

‘It’s quite hot, isn’t it?’

She’s whispering – anything above a hushed voice would seem out of order. The senior parter chuckles. Loudly.

‘This is nothing. Wait until you get access to the lower levels. It’s hot there.’

She didn’t know about the lower levels.

‘Is the ceiling flickering?’

Her companion chuckles again.

‘You signed without reading the contract?’

She nods.

‘Well, you signed. Once you’re in, there is no getting out.’

13 thoughts on “The Reading Room

  1. Yikes! She’s trapped! Guess that will teach her to read the contract! LOL! Great story, Sonya! I want to give you a gentle reminder to link up your story to the InLinkz Story Board so more people can enjoy your story.


  2. That’s interesting, she should know better. She’s a lawyer –read the contract. I wonder what she missed. Is their truly no getting out once she’s in the library or is that in reference to something else, like the firm etc.. Great take.

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    1. She definitely should know better, yes. It’s something about the firm and you’d want to know what you just signed away… Thanks, Amanda!

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