Flash Fiction Day 2016: One Day, 12 Stories

Can I write twelve stories in a day? I have plenty of material to inspire me, thanks to the lovely people who left writing prompts yesterday.

I’ll update this post with new stories throughout the day. But be warned, some of them might be a lot less polished than my usual work. 

First Draft Alert

  • One: Crack

‘It’s tiny. Won’t take me long at all, love.’

‘Brilliant. Bobby hasn’t slept in a week because he’s convinced it’s a portal with little alien creatures going in and out. Children – good thing you love them, right?’

‘Portal, eh? I may need a word with your Bobby.’

‘Why? You said you’d fix it.’

‘Before you told me, I did. If we’ve another portal here, plastering over ain’t gonna help.’

‘Please. I’m knackered.’

‘It’s okay, love. I know people who know what to do. They’ll have to relocate you, of course. Can’t say much, but be grateful you’re only knackered, love.’

(10:06; prompt supplied by Holly)

  • Two: Shower

The rain soaks through her cardigan, drenching her skin. Squeals of children splashing in puddles fill the air. They have the right idea. She peels off the cardigan and steps out of her skirt. She stands and lets the water rinse her. Old people still talk about taking showers. Now she understands why.

She looks around and finds people in various state of undress washing, dancing, catching raindrops. The sensible ones carry out buckets and pans to catch the water.

It might be freakish weather, the drought might return tomorrow. But she’s determined to ignore all worries for a day.

(11:21; prompt by Bré)

  • Three: His Best Friend’s Girl

‘I think this one – it’s the same colour as her eyes.’

‘I thought her eyes were green.’

‘They’re blue.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes I’m sure. She’s my girlfriend, isn’t she?’

She is. Which is why Murray feels he shouldn’t help Jezza choose a lingerie set for her. He disagrees with Jezza’s choice, as well. It doesn’t suit her, she isn’t the lacy type. Murray eyes the emerald silk ensemble again – she would look stunning wearing it but he mustn’t imagine it. She is Jezza’s girlfriend.

Jezza doesn’t deserve her, obviously. Because Murray would bet anything that her eyes are green.

(11:59; prompt by Joy)

  • Four: The Problem With Having Strong Opinions

You hear stories about people in sandals getting stuck on a mountain and you think, maybe they should let them perish. It’s awful, but do we really want such morons to propagate the human race?

It is with the utmost reluctance I admit that maybe they shouldn’t come for me. I should have known better. In my defence, I’m not wearing sandals. But the sun shone this morning, so I chose to ignore the weather forecast. Because what do the MetOffice know, they’re only experts on weather and climate.

They don’t dispatch the rescue helicopter in gale-force winds, do they?

(12:49; prompt by Ben but I went off course a bit, I’ll have another go later)

  • Five: Star-Crossed

He’s throwing another major tantrum – because of Lego. If I’m honest, I’ve had it. I duck to avoid a couple of bricks he’s thrown at the wall.

‘What’s the problem now?’

‘The pieces. They don’t fit. They’re supposed to fit.’

I check the package.

‘No surprise. These were produced in late November while those were made in September. Everybody knows that Sagittarius and Virgo make a bad match.’

‘Oh, Marie, grow up. Astrology’s for teenagers.’

Says the man playing with children’s toys.

I don’t know the manufacture dates of the pieces. But I know that he’s Virgo.

And I’m Sagittarius.

(14:20; prompt by Frank)

  • Six: Hive Mind

The year when the wasps didn’t die at the end of summer, we thought it was a bit strange. If we’d had any idea then. If we’d smoked them out. We might have changed our fate.

But we couldn’t imagine it. Then we didn’t believe it – anyone who dared to fly in the face of popular opinion got ridiculed. What harm could a few stingy insects do?

Turns out they have no trouble terrorising us. There are so many of them, they’ll attack large gatherings. We should have acted while we could. But we didn’t believe they posed a threat. flash fiction day 2016, wasp

(23:23; photo prompt supplied by Flash Fiction Day host Damon)

  • Seven: No Bread, Please

My local shop have installed a bread oven. The moment you walk in, the aroma assaults you. I know what they want to achieve – recreate that warm, homey feeling everybody associates with fresh bread.

Let me tell you what the smell of bread, the heat of the oven remind me of: my grandparents’ house. The place I got ferried off to once a month at first, then every other week, then all the time. And always, Nan was baking bread. Fresh bread, the smell of divorce.

It might work on some, but I’m looking for another place to buy food.

(23:41; prompt by Laura)

  • Eight: Doll
Isn't she lovely?
Isn’t she lovely?

Her dead stare burrows into your brain and you know it will never be erased.

See you in your dreams, she whispers.

Aren’t you already trapped in a nightmare?

(23:54; photo prompt provided by Lynn)


It is 23:57 in the UK, so that’s me finished. I suppose twelve stories was always a bit ambitious. Given how little time I gave myself to write these, I’m happy with how they turned out.

Thanks everyone for providing me with prompts and for reading!

21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Day 2016: One Day, 12 Stories

  1. I love what you did with all the prompts — great job! And “Jesse’s Girl” was one of my favorite songs back in the day, so I especially like your green-eyed girl.

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  2. You went all out for this flash fiction day. Great stories! And so many. 🙂 Thanks for the read…it was nice to take a break from my flash fiction for a while. 🙂

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  3. I’ve no doubt you can do this. I like the second and third stories here, especially. The one day dancing in the rain. The truth of eye color that tells who loves the best. Short stories of how people think and feel–and relate and act–were the bread-and-butter of Ernest Hemingway and Raymond Carver. I believe you’re in fine company!

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  4. loved it! loved it! loved it! I was eagerly refreshing the page throughout the day to read more stories 🙂 I absolutely adore how you put a twist on the stories! Congratulations is in order 😉


  5. Loved No Bread Please – bread that smells of divorce? That was a kick to the gut! And Crack, where you lead us to think ‘Ah, a little kid imagining a portal …’ but, oh no, portals are real and be grateful you’re not smeared across the wall! And Star-crossed too – love the last line. And she really needs to dump him – no grown man should throw Lego and if he can’t fit the precision moulded pieces together, he needs a dry slap!
    Brilliant stuff, Sonya. So much quality in so little time. Nicely done, Ma’am. 🙂

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  6. I applaud you for writing so many in such a short time and I like them all. My favorites are…Hive Mind, which to me reflects what is happening in the world today in reference to the terroists. And, No Bread Please ..showing how something enticing can have a negative affect on someone instead of a positive one for which it was intended.

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