14 thoughts on “TLT: Speechless

  1. Clearly the masses have been chasing stupidity with great relish…it’s the same here in the US, as Idiot America will likely elect Trump in November.

    Well written!!


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  2. I know Sonya – broken hearted here. Forty years of co-operation gone. Now the Netherlands are going to have a referendum and Denmark. And it’ll be bye bye Scotland and probably Northern Island too – goodbye 400 years of unity.
    All for a nation’s fear of ‘the other’. What will the rest of the world think of our narrow minded litle country?
    Anyone reading, please remember 48% of us voted remain!

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    1. It is depressing, especially since it’s taken all the racist scum no time at all to tell anyone who looks or sounds foreign to leave already. And all this because of an internal Tory power struggle… 😦

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      1. Yes, though they don’t seem in any hurry to sign the exit papers, do they? Bringing the country to the brink of ruin will be an extreme way to become Tory leader. Perhaps a poisoned chalice? We can only hope.


  3. What, indeed. And now we have all those people who have said, “Well, if I knew my vote was actually going to work, I would have voted Remain.” Um, WHAT? Meanwhile, over here in the states, as Scotland’s very own favorite Mr Trump returns…

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    1. Yeah, don’t get me started on the ‘I didn’t think my vote would count’ brigade… This is bad enough in a regular election, but in a once in a lifetime referendum that will change the country and possibly the world forever? I’m hoping that people in the States are paying attention – it won’t sway the white supremacists, but maybe the average disenchanted protest voter might thing again (or maybe I’m giving people too much credit…).

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