(c) Yinglan for FFfAW week 72

Don’t look back. Maxie’s sad eyes are following you; you won’t be able to walk away without her if you look.

It’s a good shelter. She’s a good, attractive dog. She’ll find a new home, no problem.

People do all sorts to muddle through. First, you sold the car, it bought a few months. Meant you could only take nearby jobs, though. Not that there’s many going spare farther away.

By giving away Maxie, you postponed the day when you can’t afford food again, but it will still come. Upside is, you won’t have to watch Maxie starve alongside you.

30 thoughts on “Sacrifices

  1. Very sad, but she made the unselfish decision. I see homeless people with animals sometimes and I understand why they kept their pet, this would be so hard to do. Great story.

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  2. Aw,that would incredibly difficult to do. She did the right thing in this situation I think. Poor Maxi, poor woman.

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