The Unexpected Demise of Mrs. White

‘Mrs. White, with the lead pipe, in the conservatory.’

‘Nope. Can’t have been Mrs. White.’

‘Must have been. I asked, remember. Nobody has her.’

‘Of course nobody has her.’

‘Then she’s in the envelope.’

‘Didn’t you listen? They killed her.’

‘Who did?’

‘Some suit, with an email, at Cluedo HQ.’


11 thoughts on “The Unexpected Demise of Mrs. White

  1. Oh no, not Mrs. White! Although I was always a Miss Scarlet gal, myself. We used to love playing Clue as kids. I still call Professor Plum “Fessy Pum” after what my sister used to say.

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  2. When I play clue with the Grandkids, I always have to be Mrs White.. they insist, cause she looks like a granny… now I’m dead… maybe I will be Col Mustard next time.

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