Freedom’s Just a State of Mind

100 words about two powerful men congratulating themselves on how they screwed the UK
I’m a bit late for this week’s Moral Mondays, but I think I scraped in just in time


‘Told ya.’

They high-five, chuckling.

‘I’ll admit to not believing they would fall for it.’

‘You sold it, mate. You did well.’

‘Aw, thanks, man. But this is down to you as well. More so, even. You make the news, you form the nation’s opinion.’

‘Don’t play modest. You started it.’

’Suppose I did.’

More chuckles.

‘The immediate future ain’t gonna look rosy.’

‘Pretty bleak, in fact, I’d imagine.’

‘Your next move?’

‘Lie low for a bit, swoop in like a superhero to save the day as and when.’

‘Good plan.’

‘Bless ‘em. They think they’re free now. Idiots.’

19 thoughts on “Freedom’s Just a State of Mind

  1. Sounds about right. Manipulation of the masses. Behind the scenes strategies by the top one percent to control outcomes for personal benefit. Morality thrown in the gutter. Well written. I felt like I was a fly sitting on a shoulder and eavesdropping on a private conversation.

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  2. Reminds me somewhat of what’s going on in my country right now. I hope it gets better. Wonderfully written, Sonya!

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  3. Oh, we get played all the time, I know it. I have an idea who the man who makes the news might be and if it’s who I think it is … urrgh, can’t stand him.
    We’re manipulated so often, I think we all just take it as par for the course now. It shouldn’t be so, though, should it?
    Great write, Sonya 🙂

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    1. I’d bet you got the right guy. Bit rich for him to complain that we’re ruled by a self-interested, undemocratic organisation, isn’t it?
      Thanks, Lynn 🙂

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    1. Well, the news guy has his fingers in pies all over the anglophone world, so while I’m talking about my country, it might just as well have been the United States…
      Thanks, Joy!

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  4. A sad and unfortunate truth. The year 2016 and most of us are still the untamed uneducated masses, or at least unaware?

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    1. I think it’s difficult when politicians and those in charge of the media are on the same page… But still, shouldn’t we learn something from the past?
      Thanks, Amanda!

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      1. Maybe we aren’t? The saying: “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it,” comes to mind. Bad things happen and it’s easy enough not to look back on past leaders and ideals. Great job though Sonya 🙂


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