Better than she knows herself

(c) Phylor 

‘This is it?’

‘I said wait till you see the inside.’

‘But this is it? It’s surrounded by concrete. Looks like one of those chain pubs. Don’t say it used to be a pub.’

’It wasn’t a pub.’

‘Don’t lie, I’ll be able to smell.’

‘You ready to go in, then?’

‘There’s no privacy. Anyone can walk all around it.’

‘Let’s go in.’

‘Don’t you see it would be a waste of time? I don’t like it.’

‘You ought to see the inside.’

‘One glance. Won’t take more…  Oh, wow! This is unexpected. Look at the fireplace. I love it.’


For Moral Mondays and FFfAW.

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    1. Thank you! And yes, I know I linked to your post – I wanted to give people a way to find you if they wanted 🙂


  1. Love the idea of living in an old pub! Such a fun and funny idea for fiction. I can see a whole storyline panning out from it. Great story, Sonya 🙂


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