Unwanted Advice: Creativity Loves…

This is a story about a girl who received a piece of advice she didn’t like. One of her creative writing teachers said: Creativity loves boundaries.

100 words about creative writing advice
(c) Sonya

No, said the girl, I don’t like boundaries. I don’t want to make anything off limits. I want it all.

But all is quite a lot. Sometimes, all staring at the girl proved too much.

Maybe, said the girl. Maybe I’ll try a boundary.

One hundred words. I’m going to limit myself to 100 words, said the girl. See how it goes.

Bumpy is how it went, at first. Now, though, it’s going well.

14 thoughts on “Unwanted Advice: Creativity Loves…

  1. I had almost the exact response to the word limits on these flash fiction challenges, and now I love them! I have the same reaction when someone coming to my house for dinner admits to having a dietary restriction. They are usually quite apologetic about putting me to any trouble, but my response is: I have 120 cookbooks FILLED with recipes and I need to choose only a few — thank you for helping me narrow it down!

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  2. Indeed, we all play tennis with some kind of net (even if the actual one is missing, just two metal poles on each side upon which it had once been attached), some kind of court (even if it hasn’t been kept up, the painted lines fading, puddles of standing water in place). 🙂


  3. It’s truly going well. The first sentence is especially fluid. The rest bounces back and forth skillfully between her world and ours–at least (and more) with regard to the theme of creativity. Well-arranged, engaging photo, too.


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