Souvenir Tattoo

100 words about a Chinese character tattoo that doesn't say what its owner thinks it says
FFfAW week 74 photo prompt (c) TJ Paris 

‘ What does it says?’



‘The tattoo artist swore.’

‘And you believed him?’

‘He makes money from tourists. Why would he lie?’

‘Because he sees you walking in and knows he’ll get away with it. Because it adds to his collection of pictures of Western bimbos who thinks they’re superstars.’

‘He said it’s a traditional character, so maybe you can’t read it.’

‘Superstar. In traditional Chinese? You know, I hope it says idiot.’

‘Shouldn’t you know?’

‘Why? I was born here. And my grandparents came from Hong Kong. Mandarin is as foreign to me as it is to you.’

13 thoughts on “Souvenir Tattoo

  1. Hahaha! He got a tattoo with “Superstar” in Mandarin and can’t be sure it says Superstar. LOL! I think I would make sure before I got the tattoo! Great story, Sonya!


  2. But I bet she thinks it sure looks pretty and exotic, right? Sigh. I’m a trusting soul usually, but if you trust a stranger to translate a foreign language and then have it tattooed on your skin, I think you deserve what you get. I would hesitate even to wear a t-shirt if I wasn’t 100% sure what it said!


  3. That’s really taking a chance….not really knowing what it says…especially if it’s a real tattoo. People do crazy things sometimes. 😉 Nice one.


  4. Ha! Like someone else said, I won’t even wear a t-shirt if I don’t know what it says. I can’t even imagine this. Funny story!


  5. Great story. Funny too.
    I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about doing challenges or if you’ve ever heard of them but I’m nominating you for the three day quote challenge. The info is on my site ( and it’s not too complex. I hope you accept but if you don’t, that’s fine too.


  6. I imagine such a conversation might happen frequently. I don’t know much about tattoos beyond seeing them. My doctors would kill me if I got a tattoo. Still, I sometimes think that–in a language or a symbol that I know–“imagine” might make a good tattoo. But who knows what that means–whom that copies and such and such–in the tattoo culture. Maybe this works as a cautionary tale. It’s entertaining, certainly!


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