100 words about a woman who doesn't want to decide
Nortina’s Moral Mondays this week is all about getting off the fence

‘These. No, those. No, hang on, I don’t know.’

‘Where have I heard this before… Both?’

‘Both would be greedy.’

‘You don’t usually show such restraint. Both would mean we can get out of here. At this point, I’m willing to pay that price.’

‘You aren’t paying for anything, mister. I buy my own shoes.’

‘Prove it.’

‘There’re arguments to be made for either.’

‘I understand these. But those? They’re flashy and look like elaborate instruments of torture.’

‘Sometimes, a girl needs flashy.’

‘I wish you’d decide.’ (He doesn’t say: On one pair of shoes. Or one man… On me.)

14 thoughts on “Undecided

  1. Ah, deciding on one man, now that’s even trickier than shoes. When she does choose, hopefully it won’t be one that’s flashy and looks like an instrument of torture!

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  2. Great story, Sonya – there are deep undercurrents for their relationship going on here and I wonder which way she’ll go? Some of these things really are intruments of torture – saw a girl the other day in a pair of heels that virtually made her feet go vertical. How are there not more broken ankles? Nice story 🙂

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    1. I, too, wonder how there are not more broken ankles. I see so many girls who can’t walk in heels, and that’s before they had a drink… Thank, Lynn 🙂

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  3. I love how you used shoe shopping as a metaphor for the dynamics of their relationship. It really makes me go back and reread his dialogue, because I have a feeling he was never really talking about the shoes. 😉
    Great story! By the way, I absolutely L-O-V-E those shoes in the photo! I’m such a boots girl. 😀

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  4. Men comparing themselves to shoes. That’s pretty dangerous. He might get pretty hurt. Shoes are wonderful because you can have as many personalities, colours, designs, as you can afford. Shoes are important, men shouldn’t mess with shoes. A good man is worth his weight in gold, but he must understand his women’s love of shoes, even red torture devices 💕❤️

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